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INVER is an international company and market leader in industrial coatings. INVER GROUP, which relies on a workforce of 600 employees, consists of a network of operating companies:

  • 5 production sites
  • 3 subsidiaries with commercial activity enriched with technical support and distribution network
  • 7 INVERCOLOR distributors present in large Industrial regions

At the beginning of 2000 INVER Spa felt the need to sustain its national and international growth by setting up and aggregating other commercial and manufacturing concerns that would make it possible to provide the market with the technical, logistic and commercial service that consumers of paint products require. This need led to the idea of forming the Inver Group, a network of INVER subsidiaries capable of meeting the requirements of national and international clients. During the years immediately after 2000 the first Invercolor company was founded and at the same time the first European subsidiary was set up in Germany.


  • 1934: INVER establishment in Bologna

    INVER was established in 1934 by Giovanni Domenichini, the grandfather of the present CEO of the company who also has the same name. As early as 1935, after only one year, the modest laboratory was no longer sufficient and the company moved to the first factory in Via Bigari which had a covered area of about 800 m2..

  • 1952: New plant at Bologna

    The early 1950's were marked by the economic reorganisation of the country. INVER prospered and the production areas had to be adapted to meet the demands of ever increasing sales. This led to the second move to a plant with more than 6,000 m2 at n. 205, Via di Corticella. Shortly after this relocation the founder of the company died in April 1953. The management of INVER then passed into the hands of the young son Giorgio who is the current president of the company.

  • 1970: Production of water soluble coatings

    The nineteen seventies saw the beginning of the commercial expansion of INVER and the improvement of the production organization which then counted 60 personnel. It was then that INVER focused its production on metal coating industry. In order to be able to operate in this segment, in which one of the critical success factors is personalization of the product, INVER decided to produce its own resins. Resin is the polymer that gives the paint product its particular characteristics and the incorporation of resin production at the beginning of the production process made it possible to research and produce water soluble products for industry. Around the middle of the 1970's construction work started on the new plant at Minerbio on a site of 90,000 m2. At the end of this decade research on water soluble paints started in INVER's R&D laboratory.

  • 1980: Production of powder coatings

    At the beginning of 80s a considerable shareholding was acquired in the PULVERLAC company which produced powder coatings later taken over by the multinational ROHM & HAAS which in turn was taken over by AKZO. In the mid-80s INVER started to acquire the know-how for paint products destined for the engineering industry, first from SVI STANDARD which was part of INTERNATIONAL PAINTS of the English COURTAULDS group later taken over by AKZO, then by HERBERTS ITALIA which was a part of the German HOECHST group and which then became part of the DU PONT group. License agreements were also entered with SHERWIN WILLIAM, a US company, for the production of anaphoretic and cataphoretic paint products with high solid content. However INVER did not limit itself to acquiring only know-how but also signed a contract permitting the Spanish company BARPIMO to produce water soluble paints based on INVER formulations.

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Inver je međunarodna kompanija i lider na tržištu u oblasti industrijskih premaza. INVER GROUP koja ima 600 zaposlenih, sastoji se od mreže kompanija:

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